About us

Hi, my name is Asun, I've been a business professional for 30 years.

I've dedicated my whole life to clothing trade and women's fashion.

And I would sum up my life with 3 phrases:

I love my job
I love what I do
I love my shop.

My shop is named

“Teatro de Sueños”

Teatro (theatre) because its situated in a very historical zone of Murcia, we're very close to the emblematic Romea Threatre. And Sueños (dreams), because I could fulfill one of my dreams, having a shop an sharing it.

I funded the shop in a very difficult time of my life, it was a lifechanging choice to make.
But here it is. It's a woman's clothing boutique, but a different one.
It differentiates itself from the rest due its close, friendly and personal nature, it's an alive shop.

For that, I have a team of five persons with extensive formation in fashion and professional experience, which we are expanding day to day thanks to you.

For me, being able to choose and bring in fashion to my shop is my life, motivation and great passion. I travel to a lot of countries, go to many runways, festivals and showrooms in order to share and put at your reach the fashion which we all dream about, and that in some occasions, seems impossible to reach and access.

When I choose about fashion, I think about each of you... Because you all are my friends. My wish when I imagine you with it on, is that you feel dinstinct, different and special and that you can reach your goals.

Conoce al equipo


Maria José






Apart from bringing in fashion...

In our shop, once a year, we share with you art from local designers, painters, photographers, musicians, dancers...
With all of this, we want you to feel comfortable, part of us and the main character in our shop.

Don't forget that when you come to our shop, our main goal will be fulfilling your DREAMS